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About Alastair Lee

Director | AlumGrow Consultancy


Alastair Lee is a senior leader in the Australian education advancement industry.  He has held many leadership positions including, Director, Community Relations at Sacré Cœur 2017-2019, Associate Director, Alumni Relations, at the University of Tasmania 2014-2017, and inaugural Alumni Relations Manager at Deakin University 2005-2014, having launched Deakin’s alumni program in 2004. Alastair has received many accolades for his work in advancement, including the prestigious CASE Gold Award for Annual Magazines in 2014. In 2019, Alastair established AlumGrow Consultancy, and provides advancement and marketing consulting services to education institutions and charities across Australia and New Zealand.  He holds a Bachelor of Commerce/Laws and is admitted to practice as a Barrister and Solicitor.

Session #13

31 MAY 

Measuring and Reporting with Impact in Alumni Relations

1.30pm - 2.30pm


In this not-to-be-missed session, Alastair Lee will share some unique insights on how alumni relations practitioners can more effectively measure and powerfully report on alumni engagement activities to school leadership and their communities to help attract greater long-term support and consistently showcase the value of an alumni program - in real dollar terms.

Alastair will also share his own proven measurement and reporting approaches honed over twenty years in the industry - including his exclusive Alumni Positive Engagement and Volunteering ROI Indexes, where he will demonstrate how you can expertly use these tools to show the real value and impact of your hard work and advocate more persuasively for increased alumni program resourcing into the future.

Key concepts to be covered:

  •  The importance of demonstrating ROI in real dollar terms in your reporting

  •  Measuring the alumni engagement lifecycle – use a positive engagement index

  •  Knowing when to have the chat: A method for identifying and tracking alumni fundraising readiness

  •  How to place a consistent dollar value on volunteering

  •  Structuring a written report for impact using the PACKO method

  •  Briefing senior management 101 – educate, demonstrate and advocate!

  •  The importance of using personal outreach in your reporting tactics

  •  My TEN Top Tips for measuring and reporting with impact in alumni relations

Session #42


Alumni Relations Initiatives that Work! - Who? What? How? 

3.20pm - 4.20pm


Want to learn more about some winning alumni engagement initiatives that really work?

Sharing over twenty years of his personal insights and award-winning expertise in alumni relations, presenter Alastair Lee will examine some highly innovative and unique alumni engagement initiatives that should be considered as part of any great alumni program.

From strategic multi-channel communications and alumni loyalty programs, to major events planning and delivering knockout alumni recognition and volunteer programs with impact, Alastair will inspire you with some highly innovative, practical and sustainable ideas that will turbocharge your alumni program, foster lifelong affinity and help you achieve the strategic goals of your school in the process.

Key concepts to be covered:

  • Global alumni engagement metrics to consider

  • The importance of establishing ‘the why’ of your alumni program

  • Alumni engagement 101 and using a KISS (Keep It Simply Sustainable) methodology

  • Some Alumni initiatives that really do work - to include discussions:

  • Alumni communications - multi-channel balance is key

  • An alumni loyalty program that fosters lifelong affinity and increases enrolments

  • Alumni mentoring and other innovative volunteer program ideas

  • Great alumni recognition and awards programs

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