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About the speaker

I am a communications strategist who is totally obsessed with helping organisations to build and maintain meaningful relationships.

I felt in love with persuasion by the age of five, when I visited J. Walter Thompson (my uncle's workplace) for the first time. That visit sparked a passion to create beautiful communications to deliver effective messages and great experiences to others.

Having a creative mind can at times be a curse but also a blessing. From a young age I had always questioned ‘why’ and look for new ways of doing things. Hardwired with big picture thinking and curiosity, I see opportunities and new ideas everywhere. Sometimes I wish I could not care, or at least care a little less. But the reality is that I have restless desire for simplifying complicated things.

My genuine love of technology, marketing and people continues to spark ongoing learning and new ways to streamline communications and processes.

Currently working at Scotch College Adelaide supporting the development and execution of the Advancement fundraising strategy. I am also the talent behind Ink Between, a creative studio based in Adelaide, for people wanting to build and maintain meaningful relationships and connect with their stakeholders effectively. 

Pre Conference Workshop | Full Day Workshop

30 MAY 

Discover Advancement

9am - 4.30pm


The Discover Advancement and Community Development is designed for those delegates who are new to the sector; those who juggle multiple roles and/or those who represent institutions in the early stages of their Advancement and Community Development journeys.


There will be a lot of shared knowledge in the room that will provide you with practical and relatable pointers and insights to get you started so that you can achieve some immediate success. Opportunities to network and share experiences with fellow delegates in similar roles offer exceptional additional benefit.


Looking forward to you joining us!

Speakers: Russell Davidson, Sue Russel and Susie Gill

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