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TEDx Style Presentations: Speakers

Four delegates have been nominated and chosen to present a short talk on a topic of their choice, designed to be provocative, interesting and to get you thinking differently about how we approach our day to day work.



Ana Gozalo Associate Director of Philanthropy | Scotch College Adelaide 


Ana is an experienced Fundraiser and Engagement Strategist who is passionate about people, communications, and the power of philanthropy. Driven by her desire to make giving fun and meaningful, Ana takes pride in connecting grateful donors with worthwhile causes. As the Associate Director of Philanthropy at Scotch College, her goals include raising money and awareness through strategic and creative fundraising appeals. Outside of the College, she is the Educate Plus Chapter President for the SA/NT Chapter and serves as the Institutional Treasurer of the Institutional Board of Educate Plus.


Bianca Coleborn Director of Marketing and Enrolments | Concordia Lutheran College


Bianca has spent the past 11 years working in senior marketing roles across three independent schools in Queensland. Prior to this, Bianca spent eight years cutting her teeth in corporate PR and marketing roles – she still remembers vividly the shock to the system when she switched to the education sector. Currently the Director of Marketing and Enrolments at Concordia Lutheran College, Bianca was the mastermind behind the Queensland’s Best Kept Secret video that went viral (in a good way) in 2020. Inspired to help other school marketers to be more strategic, innovative and creative, Bianca is also the founder of School Marketing Manifesto.

Karin D.png

Karin Dunsford Director of Marketing and Community Engagement | Walford Anglican School for Girls


Karin’s current role as Director of Marketing and Community Engagement benefits from her knowledge and love of her School and from sharing the history and achievements of the Alumni with the wider community. In her experience Karin finds that strategically crafted stories not only differentiate brand but also build relationships.

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