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Post Event Content - 23 Session Recordings

We know there were many members who were unable to attend the Conference, but the good news is that we have recorded 23 Conference sessions to share with you.


There are various packages available for purchase now and once all the recordings are formatted (approximately four weeks after the Conference), we’ll send you a link to your selected sessions. If you already registered to receive all 23 sessions with your 'Full Registration PLUS', we will send you the links when the videos are finalised.


We hope to be able to share the expertise and wisdom of the speakers with even more members so spread the word that this great content is available for all to purchase.



Individual Session Packages Costs

  • 1 session: $39

  • 3 sessions: $99

  • 10 sessions: $199

  • 15 sessions: $299

  • 23 sessions $399

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